We have a righteousness not of our own

Words by Daniel Robertson | Music by Sean Sabin

You can download the lead sheet here

O wand’ring sheep, so plagued by sin
and weary in temptation,
lift up your eyes unto the One
who freely gives salvation.

O foolish hearts, so falsely proud,
come rest in Christ our wisdom.
We’re weak ourselves but strong in Him,
He’s ours, through Him we’ve risen.

We have a righteousness not of our own,
we have a Saviour who sits on the throne,
we have a Lord who is coming again,
a great high priest more dear than a friend.

O weary saints, do not lose heart:
the sin that weighs so heavy
is at the cross, and now we stand,
made righteous by His mercy.

O hopeful church, beholding Christ,
have confidence declaring:
more grace in Him than sin in us,
His perfect robes we’re wearing.

We have a righteousness…

A brother, a shepherd, a servant, a king,
a ransom for many, salvation He brings,
the Author, the Image, the giver of grace,
His sonship we gain, He’s judged in our place.

Deliv’rer, Redeemer, Messiah, I AM,
redemption accomplished by blood of the Lamb,
the Way and the Truth, the Life and the Word,
He takes on our sin, His merits transferred.

O faithful souls, approach the throne,
rejoice in all He’s given:
eternity sure, salvation won,
a place prepared in heaven.

We have a righteousness…