O Spirit, come

Words and music by Anne Macgregor

You can download the leadsheet here

I feel my coldness, I see my emptiness,
I know the poverty within my soul:
my prayerless prayers, my praiseless praises
that show I know so little of my Lord.
O Spirit, come and give me eyes
to see divine realities,
truth in fullness, come and teach me.
O Spirit, come and warm my heart
to praise the One who died for me,
show me Jesus, all his beauty,
ever and again.

I don’t want to grieve you or to resist you,
but that’s the very thing I seem to do.
I see so dimly what’s rich in glory;
I serve as if I have no reason to.
O Spirit, come as power, 
banish rebel thoughts and reign supreme,
come and mould me to your Word.
O Spirit, come as sanctifier,
making everything I am
dedicated to the Lord,
ever and again.

And as the oceans are full of water,
and as the sun is full of wondrous light,
and as the heavens are full of glory,
so let my heart and mind be full of you!
O Spirit, come as beautifier,
bringing loveliness to life
from my chaos, my confusion.
O Spirit, come as helper,
strong to bless and keep and be my guide,
lift my vision up to heaven,
ever and again.

O magnify the Father,
and magnify the Son,
and magnify yourself in me,
ever and again.