Look upon the city

Music and Words by Anne Macgregor

You can download the lead sheet here

Look upon the city of the Lord,
where He made His glory dwell.
See the people disobey His word,
time and time again rebel.

Look upon the city now laid waste,
daughter of the Lord, disowned.
See the ruined walls and broken gates,
battered, taunted, and alone.

Is this what it takes for us to feel the weight of sin
and see the devastation of the judgement that it brings,
to know that we deserve to face the shame and suffering,
and drive us to repentance once again?

Look upon the city, comfortless,
desolate in naked shame.
See the agony and filthiness,
crushing sorrow, bitter pain.

Is this what it takes…

Look upon the cross,
see the justice, see the cost.
Look upon the Saviour,
see His love.

Is this what it takes…