The Bible

“God has revealed himself in the Bible and every word was inspired by God through human authors so that the Bible as originally given is in its entirety the Word of God, without error and fully reliable in fact and doctrine. The Bible alone speaks with final authority and is always sufficient for all matters of belief and practice”

How do I start reading it?

First, it’s important to realize that the Bible is not an ordinary book that reads smoothly from cover to cover. It’s actually a library, or collection, of books written by different human authors in several languages over several thousand years and yet it is ONE book with ONE author and ONE subject. And that subject that binds the whole book together is Jesus Christ and the salvation God offers through him.

So with that in mind, it is probably best to get a reasonably up-to-date translation of the Bible, such as the New International Version (NIV). As the focus of the Bible is Jesus Christ, then the best place to start is with one of the Gospels to learn about his life, death and resurrection.

If you don’t have a copy of the Bible of your own we would love to give you one -please just ask a member of our Connect team (wearing a red lanyard) on a Sunday. Alternatively there are a number of apps for your personal device or websites such as Bible Gateway where you can access the Bible.