Spring 2024

You might know that in 2020 we completed development of the Broadgate end of the building (small hall, foyer, kitchen and upstairs). This was all to allow us to have a building fit for the purpose of fulfilling our aims for local, national and global mission.  We are now in position to complete the second and final phase of the building work.  We’ll be refurbishing the main hall area, which includes the installation of a ventilation system, new lighting, a new IT and AV system, and new décor and flooring. The work will also include the creation of additional storage space and improvements to our energy efficiency.

This work is scheduled to take place from January-March 2024 and while it’s happening the main hall will not be usable. So we need to make alternative arrangements for Sunday services. The rest of the building will still be available to us so the majority of our midweek groups and ministries will be able to run.

To find out more details, we’ve produced a short booklet which can be downloaded here